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Season 2

Episode 2.1 & 2.1
"Emergence" & "Destiny"

"November eleventh, eleven eleven horoscope says today is a special day" -Danny Woo
"Isn't about time you hit Super Cuts?"-Sara Pezzini
"Hey I'm a chick I'm supposed to be cute"-Sara Pezzini
"You think my hair is too long?"-Danny Woo
"Magnificent isn't it?"- Ian Nottingham
"He ran like a bitch who got his lunch money stolen, so much for the myth."-Sara Pezzini
"You won't be dissapointed she's everything you said she'd be."-Ian Nottingham
"Everyday above ground is a special day"-Sara
"Forewarned Forearmed, Grasshopper"-Danny Woo
"Hey you ever have one of those moments were you feel something really big just happened?"-Sara Pezzini
"And you don't know what it was? Never you must be nuts."-Danny Woo
"You were like a jack russell tracking a sewer rat."-Danny Woo
"Control the Witchblade Control the world."-Ian Nottingham
"Hey you are gonna go blind keeping both hands on the mouse if you know what I mean."-Gabriel Bowman
"A man can not touch the petal of the nearest flower without influenceing the course of the furthest star."-Kenneth Irons
"You have very pretty eyes detective"-Christina Wales
"Take it easy on the Jack"-Sara Pezzini "It's him that has got to take it easy on me"-Arnold Buck
"Listen Bright eyes"-Sara Pezzini
"I was not capable of harming her"-Ian Nottingham
"I am wielder of destiny"-Kenneth Irons
"Sara Pezzini is mired in pedestrain concepts of right and wrong"-Kenneth Irons
"You are destined to fail"-Ian Nottingham
"This woman is certainly not from the wielders blood line.... she is a peasant"-Ian Nottingham
"Your arrogance is astounding"-Ian Nottingham
"It is that powerful because we believe it is"-Ian Nottingham
"Care to join me in my folly"-Kenneth Irons
"Only you can wield the woman"-Christina Wales
"Wheres that long haired asain guy"-Sara Pezzini
"Funny thing about time the squences of events some time things happen in a different order but the result is the same"-Christina Wales
"The Witchblad isn't yours to give away"-ian Nottingham
"Please kill me It would be a favor i'd love never too return."-Ian Nottingham
"Each power each weapon has its converse its opposite."-Kenneth Irons
"Risky line of work your in"-Ian Nottingham
"Boy toy henchmen Ian Nottingham"-Sara Pezzini
"In a reverie"-Kenneth Irons
"I will destory the heretics of my vision"-Kenneth Irons
"It is about my job to know about objects of power"-Gabriel Bowman
"It's all just lore right.... until its not"-Gabriel Bowman
"The fact is there is to many convergences to many coincidences to believe it is not."-Gabriel Bowman
"She heard voives to"-Ian Nottingham
"Have you ever heard the old adage take the cause out of the man there is not cause for a man"-Ian Nottingham
"You've lost your mind"-Kenneth Irons
"This isn't murder it is sacrifice"-Kenneth Irons
"We are eniemes now"-Ian Nottingham
"To my ressurection"-Danny Woo
"Blind faith with eyes wide open"-Sara Pezzini
"Take a leap of faith"-Danny Woo

Episode 2.3

"Dean what do you sasy we cut a truce on the ball breaking"-Sara Pezzini
"You always say that when you know i'm right"-Sara Pezzini
"How did I get so lucky a rookie who catches on quick"-Dean Gorner
"You ever live through anything besides a bad sunburn"-Dean Gorner
"Yeah twenty minutes with you."-Jake McCartey
"Whatever happened too good old boom boom"-Sara Pezzini
"Where's the twitchblade"-Gabriel Bowman
"Are you gonna make your buy looking like snow white?"-Dean Gorner
"Do you ever not lurk"-Sara Pezzini
"To feel that I am safe"-Ian Nottingham
"You and I are more alike than any two on this earth"-Ian Nottingham
"Protecting you now is a matter of honor for me"-Ian Nottingham
"Maybe Dean did manage to turn Jake he's a rookie"-Danny Woo
"Timing is everything"-Danny Woo
"You can't kill me I am already dead"-Dean Gorner
"It was like you were some kind of avenging angel"-Jake McCartey

Episode 2.4

"Less emotional attachment you have the less vunerable you'll be Isolation is safety Virginity is invulnerability"-Kenneth Irons
"I have in fact meet the woman of my dreams"-Ian Nottingham
"A family reunion my first ever"-Hector Mobius
"Not a woman the woman primial orignal warrior goddess do not under estimate her"-Ian Nottingham
"Mobius ever the poet"-Ian Nottingham
"I'm just the middle man"-Gabriel Bowman
"This is a typo right"-Sara Pezzini
"Sara have you ever heard of a fuege"-Danny Woo
"The use of force however intoxicating isn't appropriate yet"-Ian Nottingham
"Magnificent it's learning to use you"-Ian Nottingham
"No bond compares to ours"-Ian Nottingham
"Learning to use me my ass"-Sara Pezzini
"You mean you'd like a book Jakey how quaint"-Vicky Po
"To do a form properly one must visualize a score of attackers coming from all sides"-Danny Woo
"You know if it's to loud then you are too old"-Gabriel Bowman
"Like Incest?"-Sara Pezzini
"Good Day Seran"-Ian Nottingham
"Knowing him he'd find hell to his liking"-Ian Nottingham
"What is this weapon she bears"-Hector Mobius
"Some riddles have no answers"-Ian Nottingham
"Better to love the moon she is easier to touch and warmer too"-Hector Mobius
"Sara is the Moon"-Ian Nottingham
"Can the hunter recall the arrow to the bow?"-Hector Mobius
"I'm trying to tell you that I'm being crushed!"-Ian Nottingham
"Look into your heart and tell me you understand"-Ian Nottingham
"Thank you"-Ian Nottingham
"Hector you are a myth"-Ian Nottingham

Episode 2.5

"What isn't a bedtime story is that it has a unpredictable mind of its own"-Sara Pezzini
"Does it control me or am I supposed to control it?"-Sara Pezzini
"I'm your biggest fanatic"-Anna Granger
"To much Caffinee there Pez?"-Vicky Po "Or not enough"-Sara Pezzini
"If you kill them she will come"-Anna Grangers Staticy Tv
"A muzzle flash"-Sara Pezzini
"Telekiniesis, Telepathy, Synchronicity, Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it isn't there"-Ian Nottingham
"The line between clarity and insanity is slender transparent and easy cross"-Ian Nottingham
"Whos the pirate?"-Vicky Po
"Physcotic, Bipolar, Hard Bodies what a treat"-Sara Pezzini
"I think hes kinda cute"-Vicky Po
"From the Slime to the sublime"-Gabriel Bowmans Solgan
"You know why some people are primarily nocturnal? Beacuse there ansectors were watchers of tribe they stayed up late and on guard why the others slept"-Gabriel Bowman
"Assume the mantle before its to late there are others"-Kenneth Irons
"Picking up the pieces"-Ian Nottingham
"I'm a homicide cop it aint to hard to see evil"-Sara Pezzini
"Evil is shapless of vapor a fear when acted apon results only in blood"-Ian Nottingham
"Thats a very beautiful braclet detective"-Anna Granger
"If you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you"-Anna Granger
"Did you think working homicide would be easy?"-Sara Pezzini
"You just do the job you just shut it down?"-Jake McCartey "That is the job"-Sara Pezzini
"Thats the world we work in, and its tough you got to dig deep to maintain your humanity without lettting the dark side of human nature completely crunch you"-Sara Pezzini
"Money isn't the currency with which the Witchblade can be obtained"-Cyber Faust
"Prolonged and intense stress can procipitate formibable mental illness"-Anna Granger
"Like a shark swimming in murky water just beyond the unsuspecting swimmers *chomp noise*"-Ian Nottingham
"Everything is connected"-Sara Pezzini
"Now all we have to do is find her"-Sara Pezzini "Yeah both of her"-Jake McCartey
"Maybe you have more than one"-Anna Granger
"Sara is it maddness when you hear voices? I hear yours day and night weather on the great pavement or here alone i hear you deep in my heart"-Ian Nottingham
"I knew your noble nature would attract the dark side"-Ian Nottingham
"Anna was a portal a conduit for the dark side she was suseptible to the shadow world and mow my love you are vunerable to"-Ian Nottingham
"Do you think someone who hears voice is insane?"-Sara Pezzini "That depends on whos voices there hearing"-Anna Granger